Our Story

We are a bakery that happens to serve really good coffee** put this somewhere else

My name is Boyd Baker and I bake.

We are a family-owned business with a goal of being a welcome part of the Grant Park community serving neighbors and visitors to the area alike. Feedback will guide how we grow and serve. One small difference you may notice is our goal to be as Zero Footprint as possible. We’ll minimize plastics, compost, and do all we can to improve our planet while bringing smiles to bellies far and wide.

Do we only serve biscuits? Oh my, no! There will be all sorts of tasty treats, warming coffee, breakfast options, as well as lunch choices with a plant-slant. But if you like a good biscuit…

What’s plant-slant? Think of these foods as delicious alternatives to a burger and fries. I LOVE a good burger but everybody needs a break now and then. Some soups, pasta, and salads – plus you’ll get a sweet treat to cap your meal!

753a Cherokee Ave SE Atlanta, GA 30315

Our Coffee

The coffee brand we use is Capeltic which is a fair trade company.